Thursday, March 17, 2011

Praying and Weeping

This morning - in a courtroom across the ocean - with a family pleading with every ounce of their being to adopt the child they've prayed for for over a year - a judge said no.

She said No.

She thinks that a child with Down Syndrome is better off in an institute instead of with a family.

She said No.

Against the advice of every single person in the courtroom.

She said No.

No to this little boy whose family has done everything imaginable to go get him.

I am heartbroken for this family and more importantly for this precious child.

This was the first Down Syndrome adoption to go before this judge.

She said No.

There are other families waiting in the wings.

Please pray for them!


Kidcraze said...

This absolutely breaks my heart!
I pray that they are able appeal to another judge or court and that lil guy can be in a family.

Angela said...

Heartbreaking, praying for that sweet boy and his family.

~Stephanie said...

Praying for a change of heart on that judge's behalf. :(

Sherrie said...

Can they contact their local senators and get a push started to get this little one released? We got alot of help when bringing our daughter home. What state is this family in? Is there someone we can all call that can have some sort of push on this judge?

Praying, Praying for this little guy.

Jamie Wooddell said...

This adoption was not in the US. There is an appeal process and the family and facilitation team will be doing everything they can.
Please just pray for this family and the situation!

Sherrie said...

I am (still praying that is). I keep checking their blog to see if they post anything but I know they have to be careful not to post anything negative against the country. Our's was international also but our senator was able to help with the process...somewhat. I'll keep praying for this precious little guy to be with his family.

Renee said...

Oh NO! Praying. How awful.

N-Sanity said...

I am so heartbroken for this family! :(
I babysit a set of twins with downs syndrome and also volunteer in their and my son's class.

I won't lie, sometimes they are hard to handle and make me want to pull my hair out but for everyone one of those moments there are more moments of pure joy when I see their smiling faces and am blessed to get to celebrate as they overcome obstacles many never think of.

I could not ever for a tiny second imagine having to loose them to an institution :(

Praying for this dear family and this precious child.