Sunday, March 13, 2011


I am so thankful.

Thankful that I'm able and willing to stay at home with my children all day every day.
Thankful that I've gained some wisdom and perspective on how short these days are.
Thankful that I'm no longer leaving my sweet blessings every day to go earn a few bucks.
Thankful that I have the freedom to homeschool.
Thankful that God overruled our plans for our family.
Thankful for adoption. It has changed my life.
Thankful for motherhood. It has changed my heart.
Thankful that God is molding me more into His image through the sweet children He gave me.

So very very thankful.


LorettaSWVirginia said...

Amen! Ditto! Praise the Lord! And, God bless you!

And also, thanks for telling me about the URL thingy below. Not very computer savvy. :o)

Chas said...

Beautifully put! :)