Thursday, April 7, 2011

How to Begin a Home Education

This year, Daniel and Lydia are starting school. It's hard for me to believe they're old enough already, but I'm so excited to begin this new phase with them.
What better way to start an education than with Beatrix Potter!
My daddy, who loves me very much and grants me favors when I bat my eyelashes just right, made an audio book of The Complete Adventures of Peter Rabbit for my children because I asked him to. We absolutely love it!
So, to begin Daniel and Lydia's first year of school, we're listening and reading along to Miss Potter's classics. A couple days ago we read The Tale of Peter Rabbit, which is my favorite. And today, before I had the chance to say: Let's read about Benjamin Bunny today!, Lydia came up to me and with pleading eyes said: Can we please listen to the Peter Rabbit book again?
She may as well have batted her eyelashes. I was smitten.
What could make a homeschooling mommy happier than to hear her children beg for books?
Not much, I tell you.

And may I just give my unsolicited 2 cents: No education is complete without a liberal dose of Beatrix Potter.

Especially if it's read by your doting grandfather.


Spinneretta said...

Fabulous idea :)

Angela said...

Very sweet post and a great idea too!

MommaofMany said...

LOVE Beatrix Potter! I have all the books, and the DVD set: I like them very much, since all the movies are her original art work, along with some good live action before and after the stories.