Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Russian Nephew

I'm beside myself with excitement. I think I've watched the videos a half dozen times already.

Wilson's Aunt,


Faith said...

Oh my, he is a doll! Congratulations Auntie Ginger:)

heartchild said...

He is such a little sweetie!!! The pictures and video brought tears. I have an uncle who was born with DS so his adoption has an extra tug for me. Love, love, love!

AshleyB said...


Are there any updates on your sister's adoption? They haven't posted anything new in a while, I have been praying for them, so I'm hoping everything is going well.


Ginger said...

They posted every day during their trip. They just returned home on Monday.

AshleyB said...

Oh, I was clicking on the direct link to one of their posts, instead of going to their home page. Thanks! I'll go catch up now!