Saturday, April 23, 2011

Reflections on a Young Mom

I was reading this blog I just discovered (which I just love) about this young mom of two boys. She's 25 years old and has two kids. I thought: I wish I would have had two kids when I was just 25! And then I thought aloud: Kyle, why did we wait to have kids? I mean. . . I know why (worldly thinking). . . but I wish we wouldn't have.
And then I realized: We bear the fruit of having started our family right away. Maya was born one year after we married!

Live in such a way that you won't have regrets. I have worked with lots of elderly people and without exception, no one ever regretted having the kids they had, but I met many who wished they would have had more.


Faith said...

So true. My dad always says he wonders who we are missing in our family and what it would have been like if he would have had 2, 3, 4, 5 more kids. Since he found such joy in the 3 they had, why not more? My parents always wanted lots of kids but my youngest brother was born with a serious, life-threatening heart defect that made them too scared to have more biologically. They talked about adoption, but that never came to fruition.
Jonah and I are always wondering who is "missing" from our family picture that will come one day. :)

Grace said...

Good reminder! I feel sooooo blessed to look back at our married life and not wish we had done something different. I can sit here at 25 expecting #5 in 2 months and say I wouldn't change a thing. God is so good!

MamaMahnken said...

Hmm, I had my 3rd child when I was 25, and am about to have my 6th at the ripe old age of 31. So far I have not regretted any of them!

The Sexton Family said...

I feel so fortunate to have so many role models in my life that have reiterated this thought time and time again and though life has not always played out the way we may have wanted it our children are the one thing that I would NEVER change and both of us are excited about adding several more to our bunch eventually.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for finding my blog and the shout out! I look forward to following your journey!... Very interesting insight that many people wish they had more, my husband will like that... he always needs fuel for the baby desire fire! lol!


~Stephanie said...

For every person that has treated me like an uneducated girl that had no clue what I was doing when they saw my young children when I was in my early 20's, there were always 2-3 that were sweet and encouraging with sharing either their joy of having children early in their marriage or in sharing their regret of what could have been. I am thankful every day for that encouragement, because it was very hard to be 22 with two children and be treated so poorly. Now I am quick to offer an encouraging word to young parents I see when we are out.