Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Too Much Change Too Fast

I've been thinking about my big boy lately. He's a mystery to me. I love him and I know he loves me, but raising boys is radically different than raising girls.
I love how helpful Isaac is. He's such a fabulous big brother. And his strength and hardworking nature make me very proud. And he's very quiet. He's very much like his daddy. Hard to believe we didn't birth him, he's so much like Kyle.
I was looking at pictures from last year and noticed that Isaac has had a huge growth spurt this last year. Here he is last year sporting the love of his life-- his muscles:

And here he is last month, on his new favorite toy:

(I would say our garage always looks that bad, but the truth is: it's way cleaner than it normally is. I call it the dungeon.)

I get a little panicked emotionally when I see how quickly my kids are growing. It's scary! How much more time am I going to have with them? It doesn't seem like enough. I confided in Elena the other day: "Don't tell Isaac this, but in a couple years, girls are going to be flocked around him. Wait and see. "
With those triceps and that smile, girls are going to go weak in the knees.
That's when it's really going to get scary!!

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Bobbi said...

That is my future SIL...