Thursday, May 26, 2011

First Trimester Tutorial

I've learned a thing or two about herbs that help during pregnancy. Here's my first trimester survival guide:

Milk Thistle - cleanses the liver to reduce or in my case eliminate nausea. Solaray makes a One-A-Day which means less pills to take. Sold!

Bentonite Clay capsules - also good for morning sickness if milk thistle doesn't cut it for you. Take 2-3 capsules/day or 1-2 tsp daily. Drink plenty of water with it. 

Cod Liver Oil - good for baby's developing brain and lots of good Omega 3 fatty acids for you too. 3 capsules or 1 tsp. daily.

Raspberry Leaf Tea - strengthens the uterus and bladder so you don't have to get up so many times in the night ;) Drink 2-3 cups/day. Sweeten it and drink it cold, trust me. Raspberry Leaf tea is also great at the end of pregnancy to tone the uterus in preparation for delivery.

Cayenne - increases gastric acid to eliminate indigestion. Increased progesterone in the first trimester reduces gastric acid and relaxes the smooth muscles, causing indigestion. Cayenne kicks the stomach back into gear. Take one capsule with a meal once a day, as needed.

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MamaMahnken said...

Information that would have been helpful to me 9 MONTHS AGO, lol! Good stuff though, I will save it just in case...