Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Twins: How Their Relationship Began

This picture just popped up as my screen saver and I was taken back to those first few months after the adoption. My 2 two-year-olds. I took this shot of my unhappy twins as we waited in near 100* weather for the 4th of July parade. Even when they're miserable, they're miserable together.
Last month, Daniel and Lydia turned 6! I am shocked.
When I look back on all that has changed in these past four years, it amazes me.
I remember when Lydia bullied Daniel and I couldn't leave her alone with him. I remember when Daniel wanted to be picked up, and so did Lydia (and neither one of them were light!) I remember the first time I noticed that Daniel is always protecting Lydia. He's her little knight in shining Armour. No wonder she wants to marry him one day!
Last week, Lydia asked me if she was in my tummy when we adopted Maya, Isaac, and Daniel. She doesn't remember ever living without them.

And I love that.

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