Monday, July 11, 2011

Be a Fly on the Wall



(Each of my children have their own besetting sins - the things they struggle with the most. Daniel's biggest struggle is lying.)

Lydia comes to me saying: Daniel said I'm a chicken!
Daniel, who is right behind her, quickly pipes in: But then I said you're a big strong girl.
Me: Daniel, why did you call Lydia a chicken?
Daniel: To be mean.
Me: And then why did you say she's a big strong girl?
Daniel: So she wouldn't tell on me.
Me: {giggling} Thank you for telling me the truth, Daniel.


Last night we moved Julia into the girl room. So, Kyle went into the playroom (with me standing behind him) after putting her to bed and warned the other girls:

Kyle (pointing to each of the girls): You and you and you and you better go to bed quietly!
(Then he starts gesturing like a wild man) I'm not going to have any of that talking when you get in bed. Go straight to your bed and zip your lips! You got it?
All the girls: (nodding in fear)
Kyle (pointing to the boys): But you and you can talk all you want {he giggles}. Ok? Ok.

(Whirls around dramatically and leaves the room smiling at me.)

Parenting is a very entertaining venture.

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