Monday, July 18, 2011

My Wee Helper

Julia's 18 mos now. Man, we got here fast! She has been so much fun lately- talking and talking and talking. (Well, she calls it talking; we call it speaking in tongues.)

Her only real words are Daddy, Mama, Baby, Bye and Amen.
She signs: More, finished, drink, eat, please, help, thank you, and shoes.
But her limited vocabulary doesn't stop her from having whole conversations with us. She recently started using appropriate inflection. So, she'll say:
Ababada da da baby?
Ababada da da baby.

We all think everything she does is hilarious and adorable.


Nealy said...

That's because everything she does IS absolutely adorable!! She looks more like you than any of her siblings because of her brown hair, and the slight "bend" of her hair; not enough to call a curl, but not straight. I can't believe how fast she has grown! But she said another word this week: my name. She said, "Nee." Love that!

NowaNebraskan said...

Oh my stars! That last picture. DARLING. :o)

Love peaking at your blog.

Loretta S