Thursday, July 21, 2011

Not A Model to Emulate

“I want people to know when they look at me, to be clear, that they see what an investment in public education can look like.”

I pray that all those who have put their trust in the government would pay attention to Mrs. Obama’s warning. If you want your child to emulate her by putting their faith in the government to supply their needs, rejecting God’s law, helping to destroy the meaning of marriage, defending the right to murder children, and embracing socialist values, do what she says and invest in public education!

-taken directly from this fantastic article by author Stacy McDonald


Stori said...

Sing it!

The Sexton Family said...

I wish they had a like button for blogger. I would not want my children to follow their model ever, either him or her.

Amanda said...

I think if she believed in public school so much her kids would go. Imagine how much the DC schools would improve if a few politicians children went.


Wiola said...

Can public education in U.S. really be that bad? I'm educated in a public school in Europe, and I think my education was efficient. I love that I had the possibility to learn several languages, including English and German. I took some sewing classes and was taught "pattern construction". It was nice to meet other girls in my own age.

It's not just in school where you will be exposed to other people's ideas and opinions. It's out in the society. It's everywhere around you. In(public) school they teach you to be critical and think for yourself.

Ginger said...

American public schools do not teach you how to be critical and think for yourself. In fact, thinking for yourself is the very opposite of what is taught. Instead, children are taught to think like the gov't. In homeschool we focus on critical thinking and thinking for yourself, not just accepting the status quo.
As a Christian family, we do not want our children's education to be based on secular humanism, but on the Bible. That's our worldview and it affects everything we do.
God is the provider of our needs, not the government, marriage has always been between a woman and a man (not two men or two women), murder is wrong regardless of the age of the person being killed (aka aborted), and socialism has never worked historically. These are the truths we want our children to understand. The public schools teach the very opposite.