Monday, September 26, 2011

Lookie What I Got!

A month ago, I started working out with Biggest Loser DVDs from the library.
I really like the fact that (1) Bob Harper wears a t-shirt and shorts; no sports bras or bare midriffs, (2) He doesn't use profanity on the DVDs, so my kids can work out with me, and (3) I can customize my workout with all the options on the DVD, so I don't get bored with it.
A few weeks ago, my neighbor threw out a pair of dumbbells, which I quickly snatched up and I've been working out with them ever since.
After borrowing the workout DVDs from the library a couple of times, I ordered my favorite one
from Amazon, using the gift cards I earned with my Swagbucks.
Have you got a bargain brag? Do share!


MommaofMany said...

Nice score! I have lots of the BL videos, but not that one. My favorite is "Weight Loos Yoga". It's hard, but fun, too.

The Sexton Family said...

I LOVE Swagbucks, I get a lot of our homeschool supplies with ours.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE my Bob Harper. :)I have 2 DVDs. One other thing I like is the people behind Bob are not stick thin either, real people....I like the show. :)