Monday, September 5, 2011

Two Important Questions

When your goal is to keep more money in the bank, always ask these two questions before making a purchase:

1. Do I need this?

2. Do I need this right now?

Money saved is money in savings.


Moma Chas said...

My husband and I went to a Marriage Conference a few weekends ago (no our marriage isn't in trouble ;) haha... but one thing the speakers said about money was,
Ask these questions when you are wanting to buy something.

Have I needed this more than a month?
Do I need this to make my family function?
Do I have to justify this purchase?
Does this purchase lead to other purchases?

I thought those were GREAT questions.

Ginger said...

Very wise. I like that!
And people whose marriages are in trouble don't generally go to marriage conferences. ;)

Moma Chas said...

Haha... I was surprised. The husband speaker asked if anyone was asked that when they told people that they were going to a marriage conference. I was sitting there shaking my head no... my husband leaned over and said, "Yep. The guys at work asked me if we were ok." LOL!!