Friday, November 4, 2011

Homeschool Help Needed

If your kids have great handwriting, I need to know what curriculum you use.
If you're like me and haven't seen much improvement in your kids' handwriting, then come back here later for answers.

Thanks in advance, faithful readers,


~ April said...

Our children's handwriting was sadly lacking. Someone suggested that I go back and start using Handwriting Without Tears from the very beginning. Ahhh... Now they all have lovely handwriting.

PS- Don't skimp if you use it. Purchase and use all the silly little extras they suggest. The chalk, blocks, and everything. It's very necessary.

Allison said...

We do not have a specific curriculum that we use. First grade actually pulls from a couple of sources. We use Saxon to teach the alphabet. Then, we use the four criteria for grading (slant, size, shape, spacing). One thing that I believe helps with handwriting is that we use the traditional manuscript instead of DeNealian. That traditional (Zaner-Bloser) manuscript is also more closely tied to printed text and, therefore,creates a better integration between the written word and reading.

Our kids go to a Classical Christian School with a University Model so they are on campus MWF and we homeschool T-TH with the curriculum.

I would love to send you a copy of my 1st graders handwriting. I can take a picture and email it to you if you are interested? It really is amazing to see the quality of work of our 1st grader, especially in handwriting.


Jody said...

A Reason for Handwriting.

And I tell my kids if they can do three excellent "a" or whatever the letter or word, then they don't have to write anymore.

Carol Noren Johnson said...


I substitute teach several days a week and notice that high school students print their signature usually. I rap at the end of good classes and below is one of my raps.

Don’t you just print
Let me give a hint
If you want a future bright
Scribbling is a poor sight
Learn to write it right
Do it with all your might
In fact it will be swell
If you learn to spell
Employers all can tell
If in school you listened well
To get ahead you’ve got to communicate
Keep your temper and learn to relate
Life won’t be all texting
And using spell check
Life isn’t a muscle flexing
Learn it now what the heck.
Let’s write right
Your signature is such a sight
We may think you’re someone else.
Give me a signature
I’ll give you a song
Make it in cursive
And we’ll get along.

One high school has even videotaped my raps for YouTube. I pass out cursive writing papers for those who want it after rapping.

Gretchen said...

We had been using "A Reason For Handwriting". It was more or less copy work. I liked it because the cursive they use is very basic, what the kids were used to and it was all scripture. I no longer use it because they have so many other writing assignments now where I am able to critique them. Jacob's handwriting has gotten sloppier over the years and I have chosen to leave it. Sophie's is nice but I feel like it comes naturally for her and she cares. So, surprise, surprise, but this and Veritas are the only two I have used. I do not recommend Veritas. Their cursive was barely legible to Jacob as they try to do everything extra fancy. If you are looking for something to teach or re teach cursive, I highly recommend Cursive First. Hope this helps.

Ginger said...

Carol, you're hilarious!!

Bobbi said...

We use Sandy Queen and like her stuff…it is more ‘practice’ than form.
My kids tend to ‘rush’ through and it doesn’t look near as good as when they take their time.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I don't use anything extra. I hate adding more to the day than we already have. So, I lump as many subjects together as possible. Handwriting is hidden in all we do. If I can't read it, they write it again. Period. No extra curriculum, no wasted time writing letters over and over again. I am all for making school short and sweet. There aren't enough hours in the day anyway. When they are first learning letters, I teach them how to form them. Beyond that, it is all observation and practice. No $$ or time wasted, ever!

Ginger said...


I so wish that method was working for us. That's how I thought it should work too.

MommaofMany said...

I use Handwriting Without Tears, without the extras. Most of the kids have decent enough writing. Some enjoy it more than others, so they put more time into it. They can all write beautifully if they *have* to or *want* to. One of mine, though, even at 14 grips too hard. All the teaching and reminding I could do won't change it. I figure that she will loosen up and get comfortable eventually or type her entire life. I do think I need to do some signature practice with her.

Dusti said...

I use Bob Jones handwriting workbooks (only) from about 1st grade to 4th grade. They have beautiful cursive and print by the end that sticks! I am a "stickler" and make them "make it look like the book". Those workbooks are pricey, but it has paid off with beautiful handwriting.