Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thought You'd Get a Kick Out of This

In addition to the exercises I posted here for helping turn a breech baby, I've also been using this contraption:

My dad just happened to have an inversion table AND he generously let me borrow it. {Thanks, Dad!}

Doesn't this look relaxing? Well, it's not actually. I'm faking it for your sake. Maybe without the 6-pounder inside me, it'd feel a little better. ;)

By the way, thank you so much for all your prayers. Your words of encouragement meant so much to me! The Lord answered my biggest request almost immediately: I haven't had any anxiety about baby's position. I have total peace knowing that God is sovereign and His timing is perfect. Praise the Lord!


Tereza Crump aka MyTreasuredCreations said...


I know what it feels like to have a 10 pound baby jamming inside of me, up my lungs and down my bladder!!! Ha!!

not relaxing at all but so worth while, huh??

:) Peace, sister!

Ginger said...

8.5 lbs is my biggest, so I highly doubt this baby will make it up to 10 lbs, but regardless it's definitely worth it. :)

Nicole said...

I don't know what if any scientific proof there may be but I finally got my Courtney to turn by going swimming. Im praying for a safe delivery no matter which way she comes out!

Anonymous said...

Ginger that does not look comfortable at all. I have hard enough time laying on my back let alone being almost upside down. lol

That little blessing will be here soon though for you! Prayers for a safe and healthy delivery.