Thursday, January 12, 2012

Judah Update: 1 Month Old

Seriously. Could he be any cuter?
Judah has taken us on a roller coaster lately. He has a fussy time every evening from 9-10pm, when Kyle and I take turns bouncing, rocking, and swaying while he wails. Eventually he drifts into dreamland and Kyle and I immediately fall into bed. He has been on a perfect 3 hour schedule for the last couple of weeks, but has gone 4-5 hours between feedings at night a few times. WooHoo!!

Unfortunately, he isn't consistent with it. Last night, he was up every 2 hrs. Not fun!
Luckily, he's really sweet and cuddly and I forgive him my sleepless nights. He's really easy during the day afterall. He wakes, he eats, he plays, he sleeps. Easy peasy.

Even while I'm sitting in the rocker at night, trying with all my might to get a burp out of the boy so he won't spit up all over me, I can't help but just hug him to me for awhile just enjoying him. He snuggles up under my chin and I sigh a deep sigh of contentment.

I'm tired, but it's been a wonderful babymoon.


Faith said...

So precious. I was just telling Jonah last night that "contentment" of having a sweet baby in your arms is something I am going to miss very much when God says we are "done". Enjoy those sweet times!

Jamie Wooddell said...

He is so absolutely adorable! How could you NOT snuggle that cutie every chance you get?