Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Double Standards

I read the Duggar Family blog pretty faithfully and I have noticed that those anonymous commentors who question every little thing the Duggars do have pretty significant double standards. For instance, when Michelle joined Jim Bob recently on the campaign trail for Rick Santorum, several people said it was unfair of her to leave her kids with grandma. "Those children need their mother!" "Those poor kids are being raised by their siblings and grandma!"
Ridiculous I say.
When a couple with 2 kids take off on a cruise for a week without their kids, no one says Grandma and Grandpa are raising their children. They are babysitting. When an 8 year old pours his little brother a bowl of cereal in the morning, no one says that boy is raising his little brother. (Unless of course, that boy just happens to have 17 other siblings.) He's helping his brother.
Gimme a break, people!

Rant over. On with your day!


A Mama's Story said...

Yep, yep!

Melissa said...

Well said and I agree.

NewKidontheBlogg said...

Oh Ginger! You are so sharp. I needed to read this because I am so torn up about taking a free cruise for respite time from taking care of my Alzheimer's husband. Please pray.