Monday, March 12, 2012

Don't Skip Crawling!

Did you know that it is vitally important to a child's neurodevelopment that they crawl as a baby? Read this:

And think about how this has affected my three Africans, given the fact that none of them were given the chance to crawl. They were carried until they could walk.

I've got three big kids now learning to crawl. And their brains are going to grow and develop as a result.


Diane said...

Awesome! I did that with several of my big ones too. Then, later, as I had littles, I taught them to crawl as babies. Crawling and creeping is vitally important to brain development! :)

Faith said...

Hahaha, thanks for this! I actually made all my kids get down on their hands and knees and crawl. Isaiah(came home at 4) slithered at first but then when he saw the others he realized he was crawling wrong. I may just make him crawl around every day for a few minutes:)

MommaofMany said...
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MommaofMany said...

I'm using cross-lateral exercises with my dd. It's helping a lot! I hadn't thought of simply having her actually crawl, though. Thank, Ginger!