Friday, March 23, 2012

Table Manners

We're in the middle of "Half Time" right now in school, meaning we only do half the work. It's not a full break, more like a "slow down" time. So I've taken the opportunity to teach the kids some new things, mainly: manners.
We've been watching one lesson each day from this Table Manners & Table Etiquette DVD I found at the library:

The first day we watched it, we learned in just 5 minutes what each piece of silverware is for in a table setting like this:

Who knew it was so stinking easy?
The next day, we made a three course dinner so we could practice our table manners and the table settings we had learned previously. I was so impressed with how quickly the kids picked it all up. Isaac and Daniel both pulled out their sister's chair before sitting down themselves, they wiped their mouths the proper way with their napkins, they scooped the soup the correct way from the bowl, etc. AND it was all fun to learn! (Especially since each day's lesson was only a few minutes long. ;) )

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