Friday, April 13, 2012

Julia's 2 Year-Old Speech

Julia, the youngest of a bunch of chatty sisters, talks A LOT! Although she has a huge vocabulary, she has several words she consistently mispronounces.
Oatmeal - "Mismeal"
Finished - "Mayish"

She also lisps. Oh and she can't say her Rs correctly. She says "cay" for car and "moy" for more. (These took me a long time to figure out.)

If only we knew a Speech Pathologist. . .

For those who don't know, I was a Speech Pathologist in a prior life. But I'm a full-time mom now; I don't have time for that. ;)


A Mama's Story said...

How is Julia 2??? Oh sweet girl. :) Pretty soon Judah will be there, too. :) So much fun to watch your little ones grow, Ginger. :)

Nealy said...

When I had Julia this afternoon, it took me forever to figure out that "over they" meant "over there." She doesn't say "they-uh" like her mom did! But she can say NEALY and that's all that matters!!