Thursday, May 17, 2012

Slight Misunderstanding

Several nights a week, we do family devotions after dinner. While we're still sitting around the table, Kyle will ask for this book:

For some reason, we can never remember the title so it's become a family joke. "Can you get the "Small Book for Big Heads" book?" or "Can you hand me the "Small People at a Big Table" book?"
A n y w a y . . .
Last night, Kyle was reading about reformers and the uproar they caused among the Catholic church. Lydia asked:

What's the Pimp?

I stifled a giggle as Kyle tried to explain who the Pope is. Before he could get it out, Daniel, having noticed that Mom was entertained by something, corrected Lydia:

I think you mean the Pulp.

Now Kyle was stifling giggles (and definitely not as successfully as I had). "No, that's the stuff in orange juice."

Does this happen at your house too or is it just mine?


Nealy said...

I love hearing kids use new words - very entertaining. Art Linkletter was onto this 50 years ago and rightfully so! Episodes like this happen in all families…you just have four times more opportunities to hear them than most families! LOL! Never a dull moment at your house. ;)

Teresa said...

Ha!!! So funny!!
We were reading about creation one time. After "male and female He created them", Brooke looked puzzled. Then she asked, "What about Ishmael?" :)
Love those moments!!

MommaofMany said...

My daughter overheard me talking about a local homeschool group that is dissolving. Later she asked me about it melting and exactly how that could happen. Gotta love real life vocabulary lessons!