Wednesday, July 25, 2012

So Very Two

Have I mentioned that Julia is two? She's oh so very two! This is her throwing a fit when I tried to take her picture. She loves seeing herself in pictures, but lately she wants to see the picture before I've taken it. I don't know how skilled you are at photography, but in laymen's terms: that doesn't work.

I've decided that Judah is my reward for enduring this year with Julia. (I've also decided she will revert to her angelic self at age 3. Don't tell me otherwise!) Judah is so easy, it's unreal. I'm so thankful! He's Mr. Calm and Laid-Back, while she is going through a Jekyll and Hyde phase. (We all prefer Dr. Jekyll.)

Despite her fit, I love this picture. When she's not screaming, she is really polite and charming.

I still love you, Julia. I always will.


Kidcraze said...

I'm there with you, except without the reward of a sweet baby in tow. Our youngest turns three in one month and I am really hoping she will become and angel with the turn of the calendar page :)
She can be so sweet and charming..........

Nicole said...

Want to trade? You can have my 10 year old who is acting like a 2 year old and I'll take the 2 year old for a day :D
She is adorable.

MamaMahnken said...

Girls. Are. SOOOOO. Drama. And no, grammar marm; I don't mean dramatic, I mean dra-MA. That is all. :D

Tereza Crump aka MyTreasuredCreations said...

I got a 2.5 y.o. and she is like that too. All my girls were drama queens. My sweet boy began acting up last year. He is turning 7 soon.

Hang in there. What else to do??? haha