Monday, July 23, 2012

We Met Peter Pan!

Earlier this summer, Pedro texted me to tell me that Cathy Rigby was going to be at the mall, reading "Peter Pan". (How did Pedro know this, you ask? Yea well, I asked that too. {giggle})
So when we got there, we found out Mrs. Rigby was sick and couldn't make it. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. This is my kids' favorite version of Peter Pan and I was THRILLED for them to be able to see Mrs. Rigby in person. 

Well, the theatre staff encouraged us all to stay, letting us know there would be a drawing to win tickets to the play. Family four packs.
I immediately started thinking about how that would work if we won one. Who would we take?
Well, as it turns out, we won THREE family four packs.
Then, of the four of us (three were Clarks) who won the tickets, they did another drawing and we won that too! So not only could we ALL go to the play, but we would get an autographed book and a chance to meet Cathy Rigby after the show!! Yeehaw!

Waiting for the doors to open

I was tapping my feet during every single song, it was fantastic. I love seeing my kids enjoy themselves, but Kyle and I were enjoying just as much! You should have heard the two of us clapping and yelling when Peter Pan asks: Clap if you believe in fairies!
We might have embarrassed our kids a bit, but they loved it. (And I secretly love embarrassing them.)

Can you spot little Mrs. Cathy Rigby in there? Maya was so thrilled to find out that she's taller than a famous person! Hilarious. As we left her dressing room, Maya was squealing: I'm going to have great dreams tonight! I just know it!

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