Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Home Economics

Home economics is a big part of our home schooling. Learning all the fruits and vegetables by name and where they are stored, learning spices & herbs by scent and what they are used for, learning the names and uses of all the cooking tools, and learning how to measure are important skills for my mommies-in-training. (These skills are not only for the girls, however. I've made sure to educate Pedro well in the kitchen, so his future wife will be blessed!) This year, I attempted letting the girls do some of the cutting. This has been off-limits for a long time, for good reason. After teaching them how to use a knife safely (and giving them a small one to use), I discovered that they can do a pretty good job. I don't leave their side while they have knife in hand, FYI.
Because of Chloe's eagerness to learn all things related to cooking, she now knows how to do some things on the stove. This particular night we were having spaghetti. Chloe did it all! I stood by and told her what to do next while she boiled and salted the water, cooked the noodles, browned and seasoned the beef, and stirred in the pasta sauce. She was giddy! Her best friend, Sophie, gave her an apron for her 4th birthday (one of Chloe's wishes) and she has gotten a lot of use out of it!


Nealy said...

I am SO amazed and thrilled that Chloe enjoys cooking so much! Maybe her pleasure in the kitchen will rub off on me someday. Until then, I'll be happy to sample anything she cooks!

She probably already knows more about herbs and spices than I do!

Julie said...

Thats great. My girls love helping in the kitchen. I have cut it back to one at a time right now though.
It gives me a little one on one time with each child and its not so chaotic. LOL

I dont know if I have commented back to you since you posted on my blog, but I have enjoyed reading your blog and about your adoption.