Monday, May 28, 2007

Toddler Adoption

I've been reading "Toddler Adoption, The Weaver's Craft" and am desperately wishing I had read this two months ago. Adopting toddlers has more challenges than any other age group. Maya and Isaac have adjusted so well and so smoothly into our family and our culture. We hear comments about this frequently from our friends. Daniel, on the other hand, seems worried that we could leave him at any minute. I am learning that apparently this is very typical among adopted toddlers. Because he didn't understand all the explanations about how his world would be changing, he has been very confused by it all. He has a lot of fear and insecurity. His reaction when I get him out of bed in the morning or after nap is one of excitement and relief. Whenever we are in the company of others, he stays very close to me. Whenever company leaves, he is always thrilled that we do not. Tonight we had friends over to celebrate Memorial Day. Daniel followed me everywhere. He is the sweet little chick to this mama hen. While I was plating everyone's dinner Daniel held onto the hem of my shorts, never leaving my side. It could easily become irritating if I didn't understand him. Because I do, it is heartbreaking.


Jeff and Tina Frye said...

I was reading your post on AoH about Issac's (I hope I remembered his name right,sorry if I got it wrong) word of the day and was pleased to see you had a blog! I enjoyed reading it.It is now included in my favorites! Your family is so sweet!
Tina Frye

Rae said...

I just got Toddler Adoption out of the library. I'm glad to hear you appreciate it's insights now that you're in the thick of it. I guess I should really get to reading it more seriously, since it's due in 3 weeks and, more importantly, 2 yr old Siah is due home in a couple of months! :) Thanks for the "book talk"! ;)

Faith said...

I need to read this too! They don't have this at my library for some reason. Thanks for the insight though, I will remember this when my boys come home(we leave Thursday). I may need to splurge and just buy it, huh? Thanks for the insight!

Rae said...

This is the SWEETEST picture! Was it there before?! How could I have missed it?! You should get it framed.

Julie said...

I never knew that book existed. I sure could have used it for my little girl. She came to live here when she'd just turned three. She is five now. It sounds like it would have helped her and I a lot during those first few months.
Im going to check it out anyway just to see if there is more insight for me to gain. Also, Im hoping we will adopt more toddlers in the future. :)