Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Our Twins

Since Isaac and Chloe are the same age, we like to refer to them as "the twins." (Clearly they're fraternal twins, hehe.) Well, this term is more appropriate than we originally thought. Isaac and Chloe also have very similar personalities. They are both the first to offer help in the kitchen. They both love to cook and love to eat. Neither can sit still to watch a movie; they'd rather be doing something. They both have what I call a silly personality. They both like to draw, although neither is very good at it yet. (Don't tell them I said so.)
They have caught onto their new moniker. Although they fight like they've been brother and sister forever, when we're climbing in the van they both say, "Sit by me, twin," and they love to serve each other: "Here's your plate, twin, and here's your cup." It's really funny to watch. Isaac and Chloe are the entertainers of the family.

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