Friday, June 8, 2007

Dr. Jeckyl/ Miss Hyde

Earlier this week, we had our pastor and his wife over for dessert. Pastor Mike is a big fan of Lydia's, although we don't know why. Every Sunday, he flirts with her after church and every Sunday, she gives him a dead-pan look regardless of his attempts. I guess he likes a challenge.

While he was here, he asked about the pack n play in our living room. Kyle explained that it is my secret to homeschooling success. Lydia sits in the pack n play and watches a Baby Einstein or Signing Time video while I do seatwork with the big kids. Pastor Mike asked if Daniel sat in it with her. Kyle explained that Daniel would sit on the floor for the duration of the video, so he doesn't need it. However, sometimes Daniel asks to be put in the pack n play with Lydia. This doesn't last too long, we explained to him, as Lydia will start bullying Daniel before too long. Pastor was shocked!

Lydia has a Dr. Jeckyl/ Miss Hyde personality. She is goofy, energetic and bull-headed at home. In public, she is expressionless and still. I'm grateful that she doesn't throw fits in public like she does at home, but it makes me sad that others don't get to see the fun side of Lydia either.

Lydia isn't my easiest child (my 2 firstborn girls share that title), but she is so much fun to be around! She talks all the time, practicing her growing vocabulary as she comments on everything she sees. She is very aware of her status as baby of the family and uses the title to her full advantage. (Although she currently considers Daniel competition since he's the same size as she is.) When she is mad, she will definitely let you know! But it doesn't take much to entertain her and her laugh is very contagious!

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Mike said...

I just can't believe it! A dark side! NO WAY!....Well yea I can, I've seen her at the dinner table!

Although, she is and does have those beautiful blue eyes, and that sweet smile! She is the perfect child (in public!) and loads of FUN at home also with her garble of words and her laugh.

What can you say! TOO CUTE!