Thursday, June 7, 2007

We Have A Winner!!!

The Clark Dental Contest has now officially ended and Maya Clark is the declared winner. Maya was born in the small country of Liberia, on the West African coast. Typical of other Liberian children, Maya grew up without adequate nutrition or good dental hygiene. Her new adoptive parents, Kyle and Ginger, were prepared for extensive dental treatment for Maya and her brothers, Isaac and Daniel, who are also now Americans by adoption. Daniel was the first to visit the dentist. He had 7 cavities. Isaac had only two cavities, much to the delight of his loving parents. Maya, however, beat them both. She has only 1 small cavity. Way to go, Maya! We are so proud of you and your beautiful smile.


Mike said...

And she gets the GOLD TOOTHBRUSH award! and along with that prize comes a box of NERDS and some Dr. Pepper, and lollipop, and .....!

Just Kidding! thats great!, And she does have a great SMILE>!!!

Rae said...

Oh, her hair is delicious Ginger! I've got seaweed-on-a-rock for hair--it just lays there and plays dead, so I'm really looking forward to having some fun with Siah's hair! I hope I can figure out how!!! ;)

Mother Auma said...

Congratulations, Maya!

(She is beautiful, Ginger! Those eyes!)