Friday, June 1, 2007

Pedro's Progress

Since I'm always blogging about the younger set, I figured I should say something about the other adult in our family. Pedro has been in our family for 2 years now! He works at Starbucks 25-35 hours/week and is in school part-time at the community college.
He is just beginning to go through the "finding yourself" phase of the teen years. He deserved a couple years of normal childhood before growing up.
He recently has discovered that not all families have chores and was quite frustrated by it. He kept telling us about his friends who don't do any cleaning or laundry. We explained that they are in for a tough transition to adulthood, but of course, that didn't satisfy him. Two weeks ago he went to New York to visit a friend. He came back complaining what a wreck his friend's apartment was. He looked around at the dirt and dust and said, "Who's chore is this? You need to clean up!" He told us how grateful he is for the training he received. (I didn't think kids said stuff like that until after they left the nest, so I was quite shocked by his humility!)
Several months ago, we gave him a budget so that he would know how to save money appropriately. (Spending comes quite easily for him.) Well, we never heard another word about it, so I wondered if he dismissed our advice. Yesterday, I asked him how much money he had in savings and he was able to tell me exactly what he had in his housing fund, education fund, and car repair fund. I was quite impressed!


Rae said...

Wow! What a great son you have there! Pedro sounds like a great guy--you must be so proud of him! His humility and teachable heart bode really well for his future.

I also like the b&w pictures of the kids along your sidebar. Something about that seems kinda familiar...hmmm... :D The one of Isaac made me laugh out loud--he looks like the life of the party!

What a great looking family you've got there Ginger! You must be one good mama (and I mean that--I'm not just sying it lightly).

Rae said...

Good pictures! I like it!

Nealy said...

Pedro is such a joy to be around. I'm glad he's seeing the flip side of the coin so he can put his training to good use. Not only will it help with his own transition into adulthood, but will help him be a more effective and Godly parent. Now if he can just teach ME how to budget!!

Mike said...

Great to see how P is getting the hang of "Life"! Now if he would just let me have those Homer Simpson house shoes to get rid of!!

Pedro is a good egg!, and he will resonate the teachings to not only his siblings but also to his semi-adult friends.

Everybody has a learning curve.