Monday, June 18, 2007

I Have A Lot of Help

According to most Americans, if you have more than 2 kids, you must have a nanny or some other kind of hired help. (If all my kids were babies, I'd definitely agree.) I'm learning more and more just what all my sweeties are capable of - and how much they love to help. When they are helping, they feel important. They feel like a valuable part of the family. I love seeing the pride in their eyes when they are helping me do something.
This particular day, I supervised while the big kids took the reins of one of my high-maintenence meals. (High maintenence for me means lots of chopping; the crock-pot does all the cooking.) They were so proud of themselves, and of course I praised them up and down for their stellar work. Everyday since, they've donned their aprons and asked to help.

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