Thursday, June 21, 2007

It Runs in the Family

Three weeks ago, my mom "adopted" her good friend, Carmen, her 16-year old son, Jonathan, and their Maltese, Kilo. My mom, Nancy, met this precious Honduran immigrant, when she began housekeeping for the building where my mom worked. Nancy was very impressed with Carmen's strong work ethic. She worked hard and she was very punctual. Mom used to joke that you could set your watch by Carmen's arrival to work.
In August 2006, Carmen was diagnosed with Stage IV colorectal cancer. Stages III and IV are almost always fatal. This picture was taken before the chemo did its damage. When Carmen got so weak that she wasn't able to climb the stairs in her apartment, she and her son (and dog) moved in with Nancy and Don.
The chemo treatments took such a hard toll on her that she stopped taking them altogether. Her last treatment was May 21 and she was deathly sick for almost two weeks. Miraculously, she felt better upon arriving at her new home, and managed beautifully without any pain medication for two full weeks.
The whole family has lovingly adopted Carmen and Jonathan. Carmen and Jonathan plan to return to Honduras this summer so Jonathan can meet the grandparents he’s never known. This will be a heartbreaking event, as Carmen will not be able to return to the United States. We’ll all love on her for as long as God lets us. Praise Him that her next home will offer her a new body, no cancer, no pain, and no tears.

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Brandi said...

What a sweet story, Isn't that just how adoption should go. . .just such a part of our makeup that we do it EVERYWHERE! Tell your mom that her obedience blessed me today.