Thursday, July 5, 2007

Big Announcement

Maya, Isaac, and Daniel (still sometimes referred to as "the triplets") have been home for 3 months now. I must take this time to announce: I really like these kids! Maya is such a special blessing to our family. She is so motherly (the meaning of her name), she loves to help, and she is really spiritually-minded. We were reading Exodus 20 this morning, when God gave the Ten Commandments to Moses, and I asked the kids what they think it means to bear a false witness. Maya said it means "to lie in order to make someone look bad"; I was so impressed. She prays spontaneously throughout the day as needs arise. She is so in love with her Lord.
Isaac is our comedian and athlete. He is good at most every sport he attempts, just like his Daddy, and he has personality plus. He's also very affectionate. Isaac comes up to me randomly throughout the day and wraps himself in my arms. He's really easy to love. Tonight at dinner, he was really enjoying his meal, as evident by his facial expression. He had his eyes closed and was swaying his head back and forth like Stevie Wonder, with his eyebrows raised. He opened his eyes to find Kyle and I staring at him. He just laughed. What a great sense of humor.
Daniel is my little sweetie. He is so laid-back and peaceful. He loves saying, "Mama" and "Daddy" because the words mean so much to him. He says my name all the time, not necessarily because he needs anything. So sweet! It has been an exercise in creativity forming attachment with him. I had hoped to feed him and carry him, and attach in the normal adoptive ways. I've had to learn other ways to connect to this little independent three-year-old. I sit him in my lap in the rocking chair and read to him at night. He snuggles up against me and is so secure. He sits in my lap while I'm on the computer. (Obviously that gives us plenty of bonding time. haha)
Adopting three kids at once would have never entered my mind, but I am so glad God thought of it. I can't imagine three more blessed additions for our family.
I really like these kids!


Nealy said...

What a lovely story, Ginger. I always knew I would love them, but it's extra special to really LIKE them, too! I never imagined how much joy they would bring to our family. They give the BEST hugs, they are so grateful, and fun to be around. We are triple-blessed!!

Becky said...

Hi Ginger,
I love reading your blog! You have an amazing family!
I was just curious about what kind of camera you are using. Your pictures of the fourth of July parade and the fun at the Lake House are so beautiful. I need a new digital camera and just wondered what kind you are using if you are willing to share your secret. : ) Becky Avella

Ginger said...

I have a Canon G3, which I love because it isn't huge. But the Lake pics were taken with my friend's Nikon D90. She mentioned that the Nikon D40 is a better deal, if you don't want a professional camera. It's a really nice SLR, with a friendlier price tag.