Saturday, July 14, 2007

Court Trip

Kyle took off work on Friday so we could go to court and finalize the adoption stateside. (This will make their new names legal and allow us to get new SS cards for them.) We woke up at 5:30 am and woke all the kids up at 6:00 am so that we could beat traffic and arrive downtown by 8:00. The courthouse only does adoptions on Friday mornings at 9:00, but you must obtain your file and be in the courtroom by 8:30. We had 6 sleepy, bored kids on our hands for over an hour, since we arrived early.
Luckily, we were called on first. After a short greeting from the judge, we found out that we didn't have the necessary form. We were quickly sent on our way, empty-handed. Although we made multiple calls to ensure that we had everything we needed to get the adoption completed, every single one of them failed to mention that we needed two adoption petitions: one sent to the judge (which she had in hand) and a duplicate for her to sign.
Kyle was thoroughly ticked off; I just wanted to cry my eyes out. I didn't though. If my kids are going to see me cry, I want it to be because I'm either happy or sad, not horribly angry and frustrated.
However, holding in that much emotion resulted in my head turning purple and exploding upon arriving home.
In reality, I went upstairs and had a good long cry. I am thankful that we at least got a good picture out of it. (The photo was taken before we entered the courtroom.)


MommaofMany said...

I am so sorry for your paperwork trouble. Adoption can be a trying thing! I'm glad, too, that it's a simple fix, as far as paperwork errors go. Can you go back next week? I hope you're not bumped too far!

I'll be praying for your peace of mind!


Faith said...

Bummer! I know what a feat it is to get that many kids out of the house so early. And to not have anything but a great picture to show for it must have been pretty frustrating! Praying it will be fixed quickly!
Blessings, Faith

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so sorry about that paperwork! :-/ Your children are all so beautiful...

Dawne (from momys)

amber said...

Oohh... I think I would have cried for sure! But, at least you got a great picture. Your family is beautiful!
And, just think, all of us coming behind you can learn from your sacrificial experience! :) We owe you!

Amber G.