Monday, August 27, 2007

Ebony and Ivory. . .

These two haven't always lived in perfect harmony. Actually, perfect is a real stretch, but it's so fun to watch these two tots interacting. They relate to each other like twins. Daniel is 12 months older, but hardly any bigger. "Age-appropriate" doesn't hold much meaning for Daniel. Lydia is his model for how Americans (or Clarks) act, poor thing!
When the triplets first came home, Lydia was quite competitive with this new little one. She became a bully. Whenever Lydia got in trouble (and this is NOT infrequent), it was almost always because she did something mean to Daniel. Now she understands that Daniel's older and she's still the baby, so he's seeing a new nicer side of Lydia-the-Tormentor. Still, Lydia hasn't given up all her bully tendencies. Several times each week she finds herself asking his forgiveness.


Wooddells said...

That's adorable! One day they will be the best of friends. And Lydia will find out just how blessed she is with two older brothers.

MommaofMany said...

They are so very beautiful together! I love seeing my children sitting peacefully together once in a while!