Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Kyle's Latest Project

Kyle and his good friend, Ed, bought this house to renovate and flip. The seller was really upside down on it, and we got a great price. The guys are having so much fun on this; it's been really fun for Gretchen and I to see our men so driven.

This picture was taken after one week of work. While waiting on the foundation crew, they put in new landscaping and gave the house a really pretty appearance. Sure made the neighbors happy!

Ok, the below picture's sideways, but you get the idea. The subfloor was rotted in several places. When Pedro gave up his Saturday to work with Kyle, he fell in twice!

This is one of the bathrooms, but you knew that right?

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The Herd said...

That's cool! My brother in law and his crew do this too. He does very well with it:) God's blessings for you guys!