Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Elena and Monet

Tonight, we finished up our study of Claude Monet. I read books to them about Monet while we're all at the table for lunch, so all the kids are involved. I hold up the book to the babies, who do not want to be left out of our studies, and ask: "You know who painted this?" Because they've heard his name about 50 times by this time, they yell out: MONET! So funny.
So, halfway through the book was this painting:

Before I had a chance to say anything about it, Elena said, "See that painting of the couple and the man in the hat? That's Monet's father." Pedro and I looked at each other in a kind of "How'd she know that?" way. As I read further, I found she was right. Elena loves art and apparently has a great memory for it. She aspires to be "a mommy and an artist." Of course, we totally support her in this. She's got her priorities right!


Nealy said...

Elena has an amazing mind, a tender heart, and a gifted hand. I'm so excited to see what God is going to do in her life!

Wooddells said...

That is so cool. I loved studying Monet, although Ainsley got more out of it than Max. But Elena is sure to be a gifted artist. Can't wait to see how God uses that gift in her life.