Saturday, October 6, 2007

Before and After

Six months ago today, Maya, Isaac, and Daniel - our triplets - joined our family. I've been thinking back to how overwhelmed we felt those first few weeks. We flew to Chicago early on a Thursday morning to meet them for the first time. They were to arrive at 1:00 pm, but when we turned our cell phones back on upon arrival in Chicago we had 6 missed calls, all informing us that the kids' plane didn't make it out of Africa and they were still stuck in Senegal. We felt so deflated and disappointed.
24 hours later when they did arrive in Chicago, our overwhelming feelings of excitement and fear turned to feelings of sudden responsibility. Maya was very excited to see us, but very shy (not at all normal for her!) Isaac was quiet, but very physically affectionate. He hugged me immediately and stayed right by my side, frequently looking up at me as we walked through the airport together. Daniel was confused and terrified. He did not want me to hold him and threw a big, thrashing fit, which ended abrubtly 5 minutes after it started. He sang a Liberian song to soothe himself as we made our trip to the next plane to go home. He fell prompty asleep on the plane and slept the whole car ride home as well.

In six months, we have learned a lot about these three and are falling in love with them.
Maya is an outgoing leader and a loving little mommy to her siblings. She is a pleaser and an angel.
Isaac is my comedian with a sensitive heart. He does not run out of energy and doesn't get full! He wants nothing more than to be just like his Daddy. He's a very hard worker, just like Kyle.
Daniel is laid back, quiet and peaceful. He is also my passive aggressive child, quiety defiant when he doesn't want to do something. He is Mama's boy; he holds my hand everywhere we go and always wants to know if I will be there when we go somewhere as a family.

Adopting three children at once was not easy. It was very hard and emotionally overwhelming at times. I have no regrets. We are truly blessed to have these three in our family. Elena, Chloe, Pedro, and Lydia are also so blessed to be able to grow up in a big family. They are never bored or lonely. We all went out to eat last night and I was looking around the table at everyone laughing and having a good time. I wouldn't have it any other way!


Nealy said...

We couldn't love them more! We can truly see God's hand at work in the way he has knitted this group together in his perfect way. And they give the BEST hugs! Being greeted by six glee-filled, smiling little people who have their arms outstretched for another hug as they scream my name - there's no way to describe the joy they bring!

Jeff and Tina Frye said...

Ginger,I stop by your blog a lot and enjoy reading!I'm glad every thing is going well with all your children.Tina Frye

Julie said...

I had to laugh when you said the part about being overwhelmed with three new children at once. I know exactly what you meant. I think my euphoria of finally being a mom and having all my children be mine forever stuck with me for a few months. Then one day I realized here I was with five children just dropped into my lap and I had no clue what I was doing! I still feel that way over a year later. My husband has to remind me all the time that I took on a big load. Im so thankful I did though as I fall in love with my little people a little more everyday! :)