Wednesday, October 31, 2007

To All My Adoptive Mommy Friends

In talking to several other moms who adopted from Africa, I became convinced that I needed to go ahead and treat my little Liberians for parasites, regardless of their symptoms. I figured I would start with the littlest Liberian, as he seems to need it the most. I had read a lot about natural remedies for parasites and it seemed that Black Walnut Hull was the strongest. (Actually Wormwood herb is stronger, but it also can cause hallucinations, so no thanks. (Trivia tidbit: Hemingway and Van Gogh attribute part of their creativity to the visions they had while on wormwood.))
I recently bought Black Walnut Hull (powder) from Mountain Rose Herbs. It looks like soot, so I was really worried about how I was going to get it down him.
I mixed a spoonful with an equal amount of raw honey and told Daniel I had some new medicine for him. "Medicine" is something special around here, as it is something you get all to yourself. It looked like hot tar to me, but all the kids later told me it looked like melted chocolate (that certainly is a more positive way to look at it.) I did my best to keep my face neutral while waiting for Daniel's response. To my surprise, he gulped it down and asked if there was any more. He LOVED it! I have given him a spoonful everyday for 2 weeks now. He looks so much healthier! My mom said his face looks brighter, not dull like it did when he came home. Malnourishment can definitely cause one to have a dull countenance. You can see it in his face and especially his eyes. I have now started Isaac and Maya on it as well.


Becky said...

Thanks for the tip. I'm saving it as a reference for when our son comes home.

FYI...We had an amazing day outside today....hiking, sketching drawings in a nature journal, and playing. Thank you for the inspiration!

While my four-year-old was sketching some flowers we found on the trail we hiked, she spontaneously said, "He made all things beautiful." This is one of her AWANA verses and it made my heart melt to hear her say it. This was so much better than cartoons! I'm excited about the changes I am going to be making to get us outside more.

Becky Avella

dkt said...


Why were you convinced to treat regardless of symptoms? Did you have blood work done? Just wondering if it is something I should try with my little guys?


PS--found your blog through MOMYS.

Ginger said...

No, we didn't have blood work done. I think it's safe to assume that in a country with no running water, parasites are pretty common, so we started them on a strict healthy diet when they first came home. We gave them a lot of anti-parasitic real foods (kefir, pumpkin seeds, papaya), but I decided to step it up when I learned that it was doable. I was imagining giving him capsules or some awful tasting tincture. When a good friend of mine mentioned a raw honey base, I was very excited to have a simple solution. It has worked wonders!

dkt said...

Thanks! My little ones had lots of blood work and it all turned up negative. PTL. Still our little guy has diarrhea so I wonder if something like that would help.

BTW, I forgot to leave the link to my blog...(and for some reason, it's not getting posted to my profile)

You have a beautiful family!