Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Elena the Biker

Elena taught herself to ride a bike tonight! She was riding up and down the sidewalk with the training wheels on, but not using them. Kyle noticed right away that the training wheels were never touching the ground. He had a big smile on his face as he ran inside, annoucing: "I'm taking the training wheels off!"
I'm so proud of my little firstborn! Look at her racing my other, bigger firstborn. What a pro!

(Elena and Maya)


Nealy said...

This is a Big Step for Elena! Yea! She seems to be a natural. And teaching herself? Fantastic! Love you, Biker Elena!!

mi said...

GINGER!! I "accidentally" found you while reading an article at "above rubies" which linked me to someone doing the "motherhood" bible study on a blog spot...there you were...ginger....could it be MY ginger? i spent at least 30 minutes last night looking through some of your things... All of your children are so beautiful!! i can hardly believe it has been so long since we last saw each other. just this week i "created a blog" but had not posted anything....well, i don't know how faithful I'll be...but at least i now have 1 post as of today. i couldn't write you a comment linking to my "empty blogspace" could i? i wish you could help me....i am so NOT technical. sorry for not returning your call last time...so glad to be sending you this short note...i am full of love for you!! michelle