Thursday, November 1, 2007

Family Fun Day!

Last night, we celebrated our own Family Fun Day. We made homemade pizzas,

Kyle built a fort in the living room and we ate our dinner there.
Then we made ice cream sundaes and played games together. The night ended with a Family Von Clark singing performance. Isaac sang "L-O-V-E" to Elena ("L is for the way you look at me, O is for the only one. . ."), then all the kids joined together to sing "Once Upon a Dream" and "Let Me Be Your Wings", from Sleeping Beauty and Thumbelina respectively.

They kept squealing: "This is the best night EVER!" It really was a lot of fun for all of us. By the way, I feel compelled to mention (by the teenager standing behind me) that Pedro did not squeal anything (not that he never has!) He laughed a lot though, in a dignified way of course. I think he was surprised by how much fun it was to show the littles a great time!


mimi said...

please tell me that is "veggie" pepperoni, miss healthy...(haha) we make pizza once a week as well...usually on saturday. we make the dough in my other favorite maidservant: bread machine (my first fav. is crock pot ; - ) and then we roll it out and cook it during the week and then freeze it so it is an easy meal for saturday and lots of time to play together and little clean up. do you make your own crust? wonder woman, you are. i envy your "digital" abilities.... luv u, mi

Ginger said...

Michelle, you are cracking me up! You just named my two maidservants. Where would I be w/o my crock-pot and bread machine??? But I bought ready-made crusts. Do you think less of me now? Oh it was real pepperoni. I've just lost all your respect now, haven't I?

Well phooey! It was nice being on a pedestal for awhile:)

mimi said...

you just went over the top of my list. (i sigh and take a nice deep breath of fresh air....) i am ssssooo glad you buy ready made pizza crust for your 1/2 dozen or so children. i was starting to feel a little guilty that i barely keep up with my four and what's wrong w/ me? ging can do it AND have a blog....could you like write a how-to book? (i use 1/2 white flour in my "whole" wheat "I" still admired?")
luv u, mi ; - )

Nealy said...

You're making great M-E-M-O-R-I-E-S !!!!

Hugs and kisses all around,

Wooddells said...

That looks like a blast. Family Fun nights are a favorite around here too. We can't wait for it to be cold enough to start a fire, curl up, and roast some marshmallows!