Thursday, November 1, 2007

A Great Compliment

Isaac got a great compliment today!
The last 15 minutes of karate are spent in discipleship. The instructor talks to them about the importance of obedience, showing respect, going the extra mile, etc. Mr. Parrack is a great Tae Kwon Do instructor, but his heart is building the kids' character. This is why we love this karate class so much.
Anyway, Mr. Parrack asked Isaac to stand in front of the class. Then he asked Isaac to look at everyone, and he asked, "What happened when you looked at them?" Isaac said, "They all smiled." Mr. Parrack explained: "The reason they all smiled at you is because you smiled at them. You're always smiling, Isaac! Everyone loves to be around people who smile. I love seeing you here each week, because your smile always puts me in a great mood."
I was tearing up at this point. I realized that this boy is the Isaac we've been waiting for the past 8+ years. I have always known I wanted an Isaac. It means "laughter" and I just love that. If Elena had been a boy, she would've been named Isaac. Same for Chloe and Lydia. The name came to mean more to us with each girl we birthed. We have always known there was an Isaac out there for us somewhere, so we both knew we weren't "done" after any of our girls.
God obviously had a very special plan for us, as the name Isaac fits our Isaac so perfectly. He really is always smiling. We chose this new name for him after seeing all the photos of him while in the orphanage. Candid or not, he had a great smile in every single photo.
The kids all love to ask what their names mean, in fact they did it just today. When it came to Isaac and he asked what his name meant, I smiled and said: You know what your name means! He got a very sweet, shy smile on his face as he said, "My name means laughter, because I'm always laughing."
God has blessed us so abundantly with all these little blessings. I'm so very grateful for each one.


Nealy said...

What a precious story! It's so sweet, tender, and true. We thank God for our smiling Isaac! He is such a blessing.

Shipra said...

This made me tear up, Ginger. Beautiful!