Friday, November 2, 2007

What is a Keeper at Home?

The term "homemaker" can be misconstrued, to be sure, so even as we seek to define what a godly keeper at home is, we must also uproot the deeply entrenched stereotypes of what a housewife or "homemaker" is not--or should not be.
A godly keeper at home is absolutely not a lesser human being, a mindless robot (remember Stepford Wives?), or a placid doormat under submission to all men; rather, she is created in the very image of God and of equal worth and value compared to man (Genesis 1:26-28). She is the crown of her husband (Proverbs 12:4), a helper suitable for him (Genesis 2:18). Because she
trusts God's wisdom in establishing perfect order for His creation, she willingly submits to her own husband as unto the Lord (Ephesians 5:22-24).

I've just started reading this book (just got it in the mail this week). I can tell already that it is going to be a great read. More encouraging posts to follow.

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