Friday, November 23, 2007

Our Daily Doses

Someone left a comment recently asking what herbs we take on a daily basis. The answer is different for everyone in the family as our needs are different, but here's the rundown:

We all drink herbal tea on a regular basis. The kids drink Alfalfa Peppermint tea because Alfalfa is such a great blood purifier. It's also really good for the Liberians, because Alfalfa prevents tooth decay as well as rebuilds decayed/decaying teeth. The Peppermint leaf gives it good flavor. I let them have as much as they want. We sweeten it with raw honey.
Chloe and Lydia take bee pollen everyday. I mix a spoonful with an equal amount of raw honey. They think it's candy and beg for it. Bee pollen is good for strengthening the immune system against allergy symptoms.Chloe and I take Cod Liver Oil in maximum doses everyday. It would benefit all of us to take this, but Chloe and I need it the most to heal and prevent eczema. Cod Liver Oil contains both Omega 3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA, and is also an extremely good source of Vitamin D.
I drink Nettle Leaf tea everyday during the fall and spring for allergies, and I'm also currently taking Fenugreek Seed capsules to strengthen my lungs. (I have allergy-triggered asthma.)

Daniel and Isaac take Black Walnut Hull power everyday still to rid their bodies of parasites. I am still seeing positive changes in Daniel with this, so I'm not ready for him to stop taking it yet. Daniel's been taking Black Walnut for five weeks now, Isaac's been on it for 3 weeks.

I buy all my herbs here:
Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c


Jeffrey said...

Very nice. That looks similar to what we do. We need more mugs. We can drink warm drinks here. Imagine that.

I need to do the bee pollen thing this spring. All kinds of new things our body doesn't know what to do with.

I like your tea press. Kids broke mine a week ago and I am lost without it. New one is coming in the mail on the 28th.


Scott (Robins husband) said...

Hi, How strong do you mix your black walnut mixture, we have an 18 mo little boy (Joseph) that my wife, Robin, came home with from Liberia on Friday.