Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Traditions

This morning, Maya found this in her cereal, so she got to be the first to name three things she is most thankful for. Without hesitation she said: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (I expected this kind of answer from Isaac the Hollow Legged, so it was really funny to hear Maya say it.) After she heard herself say it out loud, she quickly changed her answer. Here are the Clark kids' thankful lists:


  • my new family
  • all the things Mommy & Daddy buy for me
  • Daddy has a job so we can buy all the things we need


  • my new brothers and sister
  • Mommy & Daddy
  • my house


  • I can run fast!
  • lots of food to eat (see, I told you!)
  • books Mommy reads to us


  • my baby dolls
  • my bed
  • I'm in this world.


  • brothers, sisters
  • Mom, Dad
  • water


  • my mom and dad
  • my food
  • my cars

I'm very grateful to have such thankful kids. I am so very blessed.


Nealy said...

My blessings are multiplied! Can't wait to see you all this afternoon!!

Tammy said...


I need to send my son over to stay with you and learn about "thankfulness". Since we don't celebrate Christmas, we make sure he gets WHATEVER HE WANTS throughout the year and so now it's to the point when we try to surprise him with something new, he says "oh that's it" "I thought you were going to get to me.........

WHAT A BRAT!!!! It's time to get back to the basics!

Thanks for sharing that was so sweet and THOUGHT PROVOKING!!!