Sunday, December 2, 2007

From Psalm 128

“Come to the table, supper’s ready to eat.”
All the children come running to find their seat,
At the head of the table father takes his place
And with all gathered round he says the grace.

He’s planned to be home from his busy work,
From his place at the table he will not shirk,
He affirms his commitment to his family and wife
And his presence at the table diminishes strife.

Mother has taken time to prepare the meal,
Full of nutrition, not a pre-packaged deal,
She delights to cook for her growing brood,
She knows it’s a sacred task to prepare their food.

The table looks inviting – a clean tablecloth too,
The plates nicely set, perhaps a candle or two.
The children get involved and do their part
To make the table look creative and very smart.

What joy to be together at the end of the day,
To laugh, and communicate, and each have a say,
To share the day’s happenings with one another
And tell what they’ve learned to father and mother.

The plates are now empty, tummies full to the top!
Is it time to leave the table? No! Stop, stop!
We’ve fed only the body and the soul so far,
The best part’s to come and it’s not out of a jar.

It’s time for devotions; we must feed the spirit,
Of the blessing from this, there is no limit.
Father opens the Bible and to his family he reads
Sowing into their hearts God’s eternal seeds.

Now it’s time to pray, each one takes a turn,
They pray for needs as God’s will they discern,
They give thanks for blessings with a grateful heart
And develop a spirit of gratitude right from the start.

God’s blessing is on this family we know
As around the table their “olive plants” grow
God’s smile is upon them as they follow His way
And establish this principle for now and always.

Nancy Campbell

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