Monday, December 3, 2007

Funny Kids

Elena has been asking for a "man doll" for her Barbie. Now, I am not a fan of Barbie. May I be blunt? She's dresses like a slut. But our girls love playing with these type of dolls, so we've bought a couple of modest, breastless Barbie-ish dolls for the girls to play with. (Check out the Madeline collection.)
Well, today Elena was telling me that she really needed to go to the store and buy a husband for her mommy doll, who she tells me is named Ginger. HA! Apparently, Ginger really wants to adopt Clara, Elena's favorite Kelly doll. (Kelly is the little sister of Barbie - always modest and thankfully undeveloped.) Elena explained that Ginger can't sign the adoption papers until she gets married, so she needs to hurry up and get a husband so Clara can be adopted.
Pedro, reading over my shoulder, just explained that she got this whole concept from the Shirley Temple movie, "Stowaway". The kids play adoption and family a lot together; in fact earlier today Isaac was the dad, Chloe was the mom and they were adopting Daniel and Lydia. But Elena's knowledge about the adoption process caught me off guard. If I was watching the movie with my kids like a good mommy, instead of cleaning the kitchen while they were watching it, I would have known this.
Shortly after Elena's groveling for a trip to Dollar General, Chloe came into the kitchen pulling her suitcase behind her, in her own pretend play. She said, "Excuse me, Ma'am, is this the ((thinking pause, confused look))? Where is that place where Daddy goes a lot?" Me: "Work?!"

"Yes. Is this work? Can you show me where my desk is?"

Funny kids.


Nealy said...

Those are great stories! They hear and understand a lot more than we give them credit for! And Kyle may as well be sailing off to the end of the ocean on a flat world when he leaves for work each day. It's just that magical place where he spends his time!

Wooddells said...

I love pretend play! I should encourage it more. I will post later about some of my kids pretend. Cracks me up! It so cool and scary at the same time that our kids want to pretend what they see in our lives. Makes you consider everything you do and say.

Anonymous said...

Ginger, be glad she doesn't want a Bratz doll .... we have trouble keeping them out of the house! Our pretend issue at this time is the fact Hannah's black cat Ollie is living in the shop "with his family" and his "wife" is a really pretty black and white cat that had kittens back in the summer. Hence a "family" .... just the other day she was trying to use the word, civilized, but the word stabilized came out!