Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tiny Hiney

I don't know if these pictures do him justice, but when I put these new pj's on Daniel, I couldn't stop staring at his tiny body. He's so SKINNY! I really need to measure his waist, because it can't possibly be much more than 12 inches. One day that Buddha belly will spread into the rest of him, but for now he looks like a round ball of dough with toothpicks for arms and legs. So cute!


Nealy said...

Any readers interested in sewing for our new Tiny Hiney line of clothes for slender kids? It's easy to find clothes for fluffy kids! Just because the majority wear regular to fluffy doesn't mean there's not a large market of kiddos who are not wearing baggy by choice, but because it's all we can find!

Wooddells said...

Yes, unfortunately for us, the Clarks and Wooddells have VERY skinny kids, but don't know a thing about sewing.

Daniel looks so adorable in those pjs. I bet he continues to grow UP for a while before he starts to fill out. But I keep telling Max, "You're not gonna fill out until you get married." So, it could be a long wait for Daniel too.

Jeffrey said...

Ginger, you of all people should know that distended belly and skinny appendages = malnutrition/malabsorbtion issues. Is that kid on a probiotic/gluten free diet and has he had a parasite cleanse?


Ginger said...

Yes, I do know what's causing it, Katie. :(
He is on probiotics and is still doing a parasite cleanse (6 weeks so far), because I keep seeing good results. He isn't on a gluten-free diet. I should research that more!