Thursday, February 21, 2008

Clark of the Week - Isaac

This week, we'll be getting to know Isaac Davidson, the youngest of the Clark's four firstborn children. Isaac's birth name was Eric, but he was renamed based on his personality. Isaac means laughter - a perfect fit for him.
Born in Liberia in May, 2001 and lovingly adopted in April 2007, Isaac has now been united with his long lost twin, Chloe. Both six years old, Isaac and Chloe are more alike than different. Both have high energy and high distractability, but Isaac is a true firstborn. He is a perfectionist to the core and although fun-loving and very likable, he is very hard on himself.
The first thing people notice about Isaac is his charming smile. He's always smiling and he's usually laughing. Isaac appears to be gifted in all things athletic. He is great at soccer as that's all he did in Liberia, but he's also a natural in all kinds of sports. He has the metabolism of a race horse, eats like a man, and has more muscle than I've ever seen on a child. Isaac is go, go, go.
Isaac is also a comedian, the class clown of the Clark home school. He's quick-witted, and luckily for him, charming. He is a wonderful addition to the Clark household and all have been blessed to have him.

[The first several pictures in Isaac's slide show were taken in the Acres of Hope orphanage, where Isaac spent a year before becoming an African-American. The first picture was taken when Isaac first saw pictures of his new family, the Clarks. The second is the first picture Kyle and Ginger saw of him.]

Click HERE to see Isaac's journey from Liberia to America.


Renee said...

What a BEAUTIFUL son you have.

God has truly restored the years the locusts have eaten.


The Herd said...

What a precious write-up about Isaac!

Jenni said...

Hey Ginger...what is that pretty thing over on the sidebar of my blog??? What could it be??? I believe that is your blog listed in my blogroll! Hmmmmm...what do ya think of that? Hee!

Nealy said...

Isaac is such a joy, so handsome, so energetic, so loving, so photogenic! Wonderful story; beautiful slide show. I love you, Isaac!

Our Family: said...

What wonderful significance for his name! So cool!!!


Jamie Wooddell said...

That was great! Isaac and Maya both have ever-present smiles. They are a delight to be around. Isaac always amazes me with his quiet obedience. Max loves playing with him too. He's very easy to get along with.

Ginger said...

Thanks Jenni!! I'm honored.