Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How to Avoid the Sickies

Daniel loves his kefir smoothies

My friend, Katie, just posted a great article titled, How to Get Well and Stay Well. Aside from the fact that she didn't mention my favorite miracle herb, GSE, it's a perfect article.
(I don't want you to get big-headed, Katie! I hope you understand.)

Make sure you check out Jenna's garlic tutorial while you're there. Very funny!


Anonymous said...

Do you know of an equivalent to Kefir, if you can't have dairy products?

TeamBettendorf said...

That kefir or whole raw milk looks great on Daniel. :) Thanks for the mention.

Angela said...

I would love for you to post your average weekly menu with suppliments/herbs/homeo/NT additions. :)

Feeling up to it? LOL

We have been fighting illness for about a week now. Every one of us got it. So...we have been discussing some changes that need to take place in our diets.

God bless....Angela

The Herd said...

Yeah, I would love to hear your weekly/daily supplements/herbs too...anything you have offer!!

Jamie Wooddell said...

We going sugar free in our house. Been fighting infections for two weeks, but the recurring ear infection is what made me snap. I am looking forward to (and dreading) re-training my kid's taste buds. Hopefully, the craving won't be too bad!

Ginger said...

Angela and Karen,

I posted about that awhile back:

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