Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Addiction

Notice I called myself a book addict in my profile. Here's what that really looks like:
I was looking at all my new birthday books and trying to decide which one to read first. I decided to start with the shortest, Jumping Ship by Michael Pearl.

I absolutely love this book! It's perfect for giving parents a vision and purpose for parenting. It would be a fantastic book for parents of a teen or soon-to-be teen. About 2/3s of the way through the book, I get a new book in the mail: Unraveling the Mystery of Autism.

I'm intrigued and wanna get a sneak peek to see what it's going to be about. Well, I can't put it down! I read 1/2 of it that day. It isn't just about autism, for those who are wondering why I'd be reading that. It's about how diet, vaccines, and environment affect our health. Very interesting stuff! While I'm in the middle of it, I get an email from the library saying that one of the books I requested is now on hold for me. First chance I get I make a run to go get it. Of course, we pick up a bunch of other books while we're there. I would never go the library for just one book FYI. Here's the book I picked up:

It's a cookbook that's apparently highly desirable as I was 9th in line to get it. I get it home and am flipping through it seeing some decent recipes when I spot a picture of Jerry Seinfeld. I look again at the cover. The cookbook is by Jessica Seinfeld. Ahah! It's only popular because of the author. Oh sheesh! I skim through the recipes while eating lunch. Good concepts mostly--she adds pureed fruits or veggies to every recipe as a way to sneak some nutrition into foods designed for kids. But what's this?? She uses margarine in every single recipe! Good grief! And one of the sidebars has advice from other moms. They suggest negotiation with your kid if he won't eat his dinner. "Just take 4 more bites and you can have dessert!" {{eyeroll}} I put the book back in my library bag to return next time I go.

I tell myself that I'll just go ahead and finish the Mystery of Autism and then I'll go back and finish Jumping Ship. I really need to loan it to a friend who needs that encouragement, so I should finish reading it myself so I can hurry up and give it to her. That day, my friend Karen gives me a big box of books since she won't be needing them when her family becomes missionaries in Russia soon. I was so excited! I unpacked them the minute I got home and put them all in their proper place on my bookshelves. Five new cookbooks on my cookbook shelf, a couple of health books in among my other herbs & health books, several parenting and fiction books that go on the bookshelves in my room. Oh wait, what's this one? Seven from Heaven by the McCaugheys, the testimony of the Iowa family who had septuplets a decade ago.

I bet that's going to be a good one! Wonder what it's like. So I read a chapter while doing something else somewhere in the master suite. I'll just read one more chapter and then I'll get back to the Autism book.
That night I read the first five chapters of Seven from Heaven. I was laughing at myself at this point and telling Kyle: "I can quit anytime!" But just like any other addict, I don't really want to.

[Note: I did put Seven from Heaven away for now. I've got two other books to finish before I can get back to it. But I can't wait!]

Edited to Add: A few weeks later, I picked up Seven from Heaven. Read it in a few days. It was that good!


The Herd said...

You are hilarious!!! I am so much like that too!! I do have three going right now(one fiction, two non) I did hear of a good book like the recipe book by Seinfeld's wife...it's called Sneaky Chef. I am going to look into it. I am on a list of about 100, so it might be awhile!!! HA!
I did find a part of her site that has some of the recipes in her book: http://www.thesneakychef.com/recipes.php . I will have to use this for now!
Happy Reading!

ecrawfor80 said...

I love "unraveling the mystery". It was as exciting as a novel!

MommaofMany said...

Ginger, you're as bad as me! I always have several books going at a time...One in the bathroom, currently "Tom Whipple" by Walter Edmonds (very good, and quit snickering...you know those bathroom moments are some of the only we get in a day!), one on the nightstand for before bed, currently a re-read of "A Charlotte Mason Companion" by Karen Andreola, one or two in the living room for "spare" moments, currently "The World's Healthiest Foods" by George Mateljan and "Prescription For Nutritional Healing" and "Prescription For Herbal Healing" by Balch.

Since we use Ambleside, we are all in the middle of multiple books for school.

Nealy said...

Good grief - that's too funny! This pattern fits your personality and your ability to multi-task. Please add me to your list to borrow "Unraveling" when you're finished.

The Herd said...

Hey, I actually started 2 more books!! One is for a Bible Study group(I only have to read 2 chapters a month, so it's really not adding much), but the other one is 90 minutes in Heaven(it's a true story--I'm borrowing it from a friend.) I will let you know how it is. I think you would like it.
Fellow Reader:)Friend

krista said...

That is so CM of you! According to CM reading 5-6 books concurrently should be the norm. Some folks really don't get it but it's no different than watching sitcoms every night of the week from 7-10pm. No one ever gets the characters from Mondays shows missed up with those from Thursdays shows. WAIT!!! Actually it's tons different in that reading is good for the brain while tv watching rots the brain! Reading expands the mind, tv watching dulls the mind! Reading educates, tv claims to educate (sitcoms aren't usually educational unless you need a lesson in sex and stupidity) :-).

I'm reading (to myself)4 different books right now. I'm a little behind. I usually have 6 going. I'm also reading 6 different books to my children right now. I know you are too!


Julie said...

I have no less than 5 books that I am reading right now. LOL. I know exactly what you mean.

Donna Barber said...

great book-7 from heaven. My friend is their cousin so we get filled in on how they are doing every once in a while.

Jamie Wooddell said...

I love to read too! I have a bad habit of deciding to research something and getting ever book I can find on the subject. Then I speed through them so fast only the most pertinent information sticks. A lot of times I have to go back in a few months to remind myself of what I read.

Stacy said...

I have several books going at once too! Nice to know I'm not the only one.

Right now I'm reading "Out of Sync Child" (to learn more about Emily's sensory issues), "Adoption Piece by Piece" (for a book report I need to turn in to our agency), "Passionate Housewives Desperate for God" (for me), and I always have some book in the bathroom too with Mommy or household tips or something. I'm trying to get through the Left Behind series too, but I keep putting it down for other things.

I also have the Deceptively Delicious book, and am not a fan. In fact, I need to find someone to give it to. I don't need to sneak veggies here, as all my kids actually like them, but I was hoping for some fun, healthy recipes - not so much :)